The Standard In NSB Pool Care For Over 18 Years

The Standard In NSB Pool Care For Over 18 Years

Welcome to Our OOL, No P Please

Besides the fact that peeing in the pool is out of favor behavior and pretty much just downright gross; it is such a bad idea that the Center for Disease Control (CDC) has even chosen to remind us not to pee in the pool. According to the CDC, those chemicals you so diligently place in your pool to keep your pool clean are not the be all, end all. Urine in the pool can actually decrease the effectiveness of chlorine and create chloramines – which irritate eyes, breathing passages and skin.

Last spring, the results of an online survey focused on this questionable swimming pool behavior were absolutely shocking. Are you sitting down? Apparently, over 40 percent of adults – regardless of gender, income, region or race – admitted to peeing in the pool. Just imagine the results if we added in the kiddies and everyone who was really truthful. So, those of us who are blissfully swimming along without a care in the world believing that we are swimming in pee-free pools are most likely unfortunately mistaken!

Oh, and you will love this. While we are on the topic of pee, how about we cover excrement as well; because it seems that 24 percent of human, fully mature adults also admitted to entering a swimming pool after experiencing diarrhea and without the benefit of a shower? And those are only the folks who have come clean (certainly not literally, of course).

By the way, if you would like help keeping your pool immaculately clean and properly chemically balanced, SE Pool Supply and Chemical’s highly trained pool cleaning professionals would be happy to help. That’s happy with two of the good kind of Ps.