Types of Bathing Suits

Suit up bathing beauties! There is a world out there filled with all types of bathing suits to flatter all
types of bodies and for any and all personal preferences. This ain’t your grandma’s bathing suit era!
Swimsuits come in all styles. There are those for hourglass figures, petite or athletic builds and bathing
suits for those with full-figures. There are bikinis with triangle tops, halter tops and those without
shoulder straps. There are one-piece bathing suits specifically for athletes who participate in water
sports and then there are those with plunging necklines, peep-through holes, sheer spots, sideshows or
built in skirts.
There are maternity bathing suits, post mastectomy suits with two removable padded cups, swim suits
with underwire or enhanced bras. There are bathing suits with sturdy sports tops, those with D-cups or
larger, some with full bottoms, Brazilian bottoms (which show a little more), thongs (which show a lot!),
hipster bottoms, scoop bottoms, side tie bottoms, high waste bottoms, shorts bottoms, skirted bottoms,
boy shorts and bikinis that have different color tops and bottoms. There are thinning suits that tuck and
squeeze in all the right places and tanning suits that eliminate those pesky tan lines!
Bathing suits are known for diversity these days, so suit yourself!