The Standard In NSB Pool Care For Over 18 Years

The Standard In NSB Pool Care For Over 18 Years

To Close up Your Pool Or Not to Close up Your Pool…That Is the Question

When winter comes to mind, many folks think about all the things they have to do to prepare, such as having your heater serviced or covering up your pool; but wait a minute. Do you have to (and for that matter, should you) close up your swimming pool in time for the winter season?

First-off, the winters in Central Florida are typically mild. So, pool owners are at a far lower risk of freezes. If temperatures dip below 40 degrees, you just need to make sure your pump keeps running so you don’t run the risk of any damage due to freezing. 

You will need to continue your regular pool maintenance, which includes balancing your pool water and keeping your pool clean…and the pros at SE Pools in New Smyrna Beach can handle that affordably, effectively and reliably for you!

What you don’t have to do is worry about the hassle or costs of closing and opening up your pool. There is no need for an expensive pool cover, no need for doing all of the things required for winterizing your pool and no need for that spring clean-up when you lift the lid (most likely with trepidation).

Plus, as mentioned, we live in sunny Florida. So, when it comes to whether or not to put a lid on it, why not take advantage of a year-round pool season. It’s pretty cost-effective and definitely more fun!

If you do decide to close up your swimming pool for winter, SE Pool Supply & Chemical can meet all your swimming pool winterizing needs too!