Time and Effort – What It Is Worth to Your Pool

Mismanaged chemicals and poor maintenance can damage pool filters, pumps, heaters and more.
Proper preventive pool care is definitely worth the time and effort because it can save you the hassles
and money associated with repairs like these.
Regular pool maintenance will take you approximately four to eight hours per week and it includes
skimming debris from the surface of your pool a few times a week and emptying skimmer baskets every
few days. Brush the walls of your pool and tile at the waterline to eliminate any build-up. This task
should be completed once a week before vacuuming. Vacuum weekly to suck up the debris at the
bottom of your pool. You can use a manual vacuum or opt for an automatic system which will take care
of your vacuuming for you.
Your filters should run every day for one hour for each ten degrees of temperature. So if it is seventy
degrees outside, set your timer for seven hours. Filters will also need to be cleaned periodically. Make
certain your water level remains above the intake tubes for your skimmer basket. Also inspect your pool
pump at least once a week, just to be sure it is running optimally.
Now let’s talk chemicals. Use a home testing kit to maintain a pH level of seven. Muriatic acid will lower
your pH and soda ash can raise it. You can manage your chlorine levels with your test kit as well.
Additionally, high doses of chlorine will need to be added to “shock” your pool about once per month.
If you prefer to simply spend all of your time enjoying the spoils of your pool, SE Pool Supply & Chemical
can provide you with professional pool cleaning services. If you are a do-it-yourselfer, SE Pools also has
all of the cleaning supplies and equipment you need for that as well. For answers to any questions, feel
free to stop by our convenient New Smyrna Beach location on the Dixie Freeway.

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