The Standard In NSB Pool Care For Over 18 Years

The Standard In NSB Pool Care For Over 18 Years

The Real Deal for Pools Supplies and Service!

Looking for fistfuls of savings when it comes to your pool supplies? SE Pool Supply and Chemical sells professional grade pool chemicals for every budget! And using quality pool cleaning products can save you money. When you buy a substandard product, chances are it won’t work as well and you may have to buy twice as much or even more! That just wastes your time and money.

SE Pool Supply and Chemical cleaning equipment works pretty much the same way. The most important aspect of great pool maintenance is making sure that you are using great equipment. It just makes good sense to buy a professional quality product. SE Pools sells only the best pool cleaning equipment available at affordable prices. Need a robotic pool vacuum, brushes or nets? No problem! We’ve got that and so much more at SE Pools.

SE Pools can also set you up on a scheduled pool cleaning and maintenance program. Did you know that regularly scheduled pool cleaning can save you money, time and heartache as well? Balanced pool water can help you avoid costly repairs. When your pool is not properly maintained, algae can build-up, pool surfaces can become stained, and filters, pipes and pumps can end up damaged. Inconsistent pool maintenance and/or unbalanced water are hard on pool equipment.

What’s that you say…you just want to have fun? Well, that’s not a problem either! SE Pool and Spa offers a wide array of pool accessories to boost your fun quotient! Get fun floats, games, lighting and so much more at SE Pools!

SE Pool and Spa, Volusia County’s trusted source for all things pool-related, is the real deal when it comes to your pool supplies and service! Stop in our convenient location on Dixie Highway in New Smyrna Beach and see for yourself!