The Benefits of Your Own Pool

One of the best ways to enjoy yourself in Florida is in your own pool! Florida is the perfect place for a pool because it is perpetual summer here, so you can enjoy your pool all year long. Believe it or not, it actually costs less to maintain your pool than it does to close it for the season. The main purpose of winterizing a pool is to protect it from damage due to freezing weather. Even if we get a cold snap here, Florida weather is not consistently cold enough to warrant closing your pool. And if you employ a reliable pool maintenance service, such as SE Pool and Spa in New Smyrna Beach, your maintenance will be affordable and you won’t have to lift a finger!

Pools are a heap load of fun too! They are a way to bring families closer together; outdoor barbeques and get-togethers are always more fun around the pool; and kids can get hours and hours of enjoyment out of a pool just about every day. Can’t you just see mom lounging around in a floating chair that has an inflated palm tree for an umbrella and a cup holder for her tropical drink? There’s pool volleyball; kids can play Marco Polo; and swimming laps is great exercise. In fact, research indicates that exercising in the pool is easier on your joints, and the water creates natural resistance.

Everything you need to enjoy your pool can be found at SE Pool and Spa, conveniently located on Dixie Highway in New Smyrna Beach. Come browse our large inventory. We have a vast array of pool supplies in stock, so stock up on all the toys and games you can imagine. Don’t forget to bring your water sample. SE Pool and Spa provides free water testing!