The Standard In NSB Pool Care For Over 18 Years

The Standard In NSB Pool Care For Over 18 Years

Why Swimming in Your Pool Is Safer than Swimming in the Ocean

Lions and tigers and bears…oh my! The beach can be heap-loads of fun, but it also comes with its perils.
There are riptides – strong currents that can drag even the best swimmer out to sea. The beach is lined
with shells, some of which can be sharp and cause injury. And let’s not forget that the ocean is home to
jellyfish and other beasties that bite. New Smyrna Beach isn’t known as the “Shark Bite Capital of the
World” for nothing!

It is also easier to keep watch around a pool than it is at the beach. Pools are also located in a confined
area, where you can better supervise children. Beaches are expansive, so it is easier for children to
wander away.

The ocean promises the unknown, with a great many variables. A pool is an environment where we can
thankfully control most variables. There most certainly have been no reports of sharks, jellyfish or
riptides in any pools.

If you own a pool, you can keep it even safer by ensuring that it is free from bacteria and debris. SE
Pools, New Smyrna Beach’s trusted source for pool cleaning, service and supplies, can help. Also make
sure all drains are properly covered and your pool is surrounded by a fence as required by law. And
always make certain that children wear the proper safety attire and are supervised at all times.