Supporting Your Local Pool Company Can Mean the World

SE Pool and Spa is New Smyrna Beach’s trusted source for professional pool cleaning supplies and equipment, as well as reliable, affordable pool service. You just don’t get all that from a huge retail conglomerate like Walmart or when you shop online.

At SE Pools, we always have our customers in mind, and the same applies when we purchase our inventory. Aside from the obvious, there is good reason that SE Pools sells only the best, professional pool cleaning supplies and equipment available. When you use the proper pool cleaning supplies and equipment, you never have to worry that your pool is being properly maintained. It also makes more sense to buy the right product once than it does to buy a cheaper, lower quality product several times. The latter just wastes your time and costs more in the long run.

And when you walk into SE Pools, you can see first-hand that all of the pool cleaning supplies and equipment we sell are exactly what we use to professionally clean pools. We stock everything from a wide array of chemicals in various sizes to meet every budget; to brushes, vacuums and nets. We also carry all the fun stuff like pool accessories, games, lighting, decorations and so much more!

Check out our website at or browse our convenient location on Dixie Highway in New Smyrna Beach. Don’t forget to bring a water sample. We also provide FREE water testing!