The Standard In NSB Pool Care For Over 18 Years

The Standard In NSB Pool Care For Over 18 Years

Summer Is Coming…Stay Cool with Supplies from SE Pool Supply & Chemical!

Summer is coming. Near are the days filled with blazing sun, sweltering heat and humidity. Get ready with cool pool supplies from SE Pool Supply & Chemical in New Smyrna Beach!

SE Pool Supply & Chemical has everything you need to make your pool days brighter, from skimmers to keep the critters a bay, to pool alarms for safety sake.

Want some mood lighting or pool lights that change from one beautiful color to another automatically? How about a robotic pool cleaner to save you time and a whole lot of work? Some robotic pool cleaners even work on adjustable timers and can be operated from your smart phone…all for just pennies a day! SE Pools also offers a whole host of cleaning supplies, including state-of-the-art vacuum systems and pool chemicals to meet every budget.

And how about upping your fun quotient in the pool? There are games to be had, such as pool volleyball and basketball and floating lounge chairs that even have a cup holder for your beverage of choice – which, by the way, works well whether you prefer ice tea, umbrella drinks or beer, so no worries there!

Plus, if you need a helping hand to get ready for summer, SE Pools has your back there too with reliable and affordable professional pool cleaning, as well as service for any pool parts that may be giving you trouble. So get on over to SE Pool Supply & Chemical so you can get on in to your pool and start enjoying summer the way it was meant to be!