The Standard In NSB Pool Care For Over 18 Years

The Standard In NSB Pool Care For Over 18 Years

Summer Fun: Great Ideas for Pool Parties!

Swimming pool parties are an epic way to heat things up this summer! Ready to have some fun? 

One speedy way to rev up the summer fun is by hosting a NASCAR pool party. Just place a big screen TV on your patio (far enough away from the water to be safe) so you can watch the race poolside or even while you and your friends are lounging in the pool! Race themed snacks will also make a splash!

Big barbecues, of course, are a grand idea for July 4th and Labor Day, so break out those burgers and fireworks, my friend. There’s nothing like a poolside BBQ!

Football preseason games are also a great excuse for a summer pool party. 

Plus, pool parties can be even more fun when you are set up to play games in the pool. Are you up for some pool hockey? Just place a ping pong ball or floating rubber ducky in the middle and splash or create waves to move your “puck.” The object of the game is to get your puck to touch the other side without touching it. May the best team win!

Or you could play ping pong panic. Just drop five ping pong balls into the center of your swimming pool and then try to keep out of their way. If a ball touches you, you lose. You can easily convert this into a drinking game. Speaking of drinking games, beer pong can easily be converted into a pool party game. Just set your cups on the edge of the pool or tub and take a toss. You miss, you drink!

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