The Standard In NSB Pool Care For Over 18 Years

The Standard In NSB Pool Care For Over 18 Years

Smart Pools!

Smart Homes can turn on our lights before we return home, close our blinds when it is time for bed and turn down the air or turn up the heat so we are always enveloped in optimal comfort. There is no question that technology has made our lives easier, but did you know that even your pool can be fully connected?

Yep, you can make your pool smart too, automating most of its features, and the benefits are amazing! Pump automation can save on energy consumption and utility bills, and salt chlorinators and pool lighting can be controlled “smartly”.

Smart pools can even keep a watchful eye on your entire pool system, troubleshooting and warning of any issues that may arise. This provides pool owners the peace of mind that everything is operating smoothly without them having to do a thing. No news is good news! 

Additionally, this Smart pool function can increase your pool’s operating efficiency and provide your swimming pool service professional – should they need to be called in – vital information, potentially saving you diagnosis and repair time and costs. There is also a remote monitoring feature for pool owners and their pool professionals.

Then, for even more convenience, homeowners can also schedule their Smart pool technology. Set automated schedules to monitor pool system operation status, check water chemistry, operate water features and control lighting…all on a schedule convenient to you!

You know what else is smart? For answers to any of your pool-related questions, trusted pool service and cleaning pros and all the pool supplies you need, visit SE Pool & Spa in New Smyrna Beach!