The Size of Your Lot Will Affect the Shape of Your Pool

The fabulous choices for types of pools are virtually endless. You could install a gorgeous, natural looking pool surrounded by large rocks that form a waterfall; an infinity pool that looks like it is literally dropping off of your property and custom built to highlight a gorgeous view; a recreational style pool, that is similar to a pool in a luxury resort – with slides and a swim up bar; a beautiful pool and patio enclosed within a glass or screened in lanai; an architectural pool, which is built with the same form and materials of your house for a cohesive look; an Olympic style lap pool to use for fitness; and so many more!

It all sounds great, but remember that the size and shape of pool you purchase is dependent upon the size and shape of your lot. If you have a large lot, you have absolutely no worries at all. Take that plunge with whatever style pool you desire! If your lot is oddly shaped, you may be able to get away with a kidney or L-shaped pools.

If you are a pool lover, but your property is small, you may want to consider a spool. A spool is a combination spa and pool that is filled with warm water. This type of pool is smaller and less expensive to maintain than a regular-sized pool. Plunge pools – small cool water pools that some believe to have therapeutic benefits – are also an option.