The Standard In NSB Pool Care For Over 18 Years

The Standard In NSB Pool Care For Over 18 Years

Senior Citizen Benefits to Using a Pool

Pools are great fun – the perfect accoutrement for outdoor entertaining and a favorite activity of every kid; but don’t count out seniors! Swimming pools are also very enjoyable for older folks and they offer senior citizens some amazing health benefits to boot…

Life can be hard on our joints, especially for older folks; but you needn’t worry if you have access to a pool. Pools offer seniors a low impact way to exercise which is very soothing for tired, old joints. Instead of higher impact activities like using a treadmill or participating in an aerobics class, the water in swimming pools provides gentle resistance while you engage in exercise. 

Swimming can build muscle and endurance, as well as reduce stiffness and discomfort in arthritic joints, increase cardiovascular capacity and subsequently help us maintain better heart health. It can also increase bone density in seniors and research even indicates that people who engage in swimming tend to be healthier and happier. Additionally, pools also offer a wonderful way to socialize, which studies also prove to be beneficial to our physical and mental health as well as our longevity.

Plus, swimming pools are a very germ-free place to soak up all those great health benefits. With all the scary new viruses out there, which pose greater health risks for older people, that’s a really good thing for seniors.

Swimming pools are also an exceptional way to get some much needed relaxation and reduce stress, which we all know is good for everyone!