SE Pools Helps Take a Great Big Bite Out of Pool Vacuum Costs!

SE Pools carries the Great White Shark Pool Vacuum, which is offering a $100 rebate! Don’t worry, a friendly customer service team member will take the time to help you fill out the rebate form. We will even provide you with an envelope and stamp, so your form is completely ready to mail in before you leave our store!

If you own a pool, you know that cleaning and maintenance is a huge priority. If your pool isn’t cleaned regularly or properly, no one will want to (or should for that matter) set foot in it. Fortunately, there are pool cleaner/vacuums that are very effective and reasonably priced. The most popular are robotic pool cleaners which automatically comb pool surfaces to eliminate debris and algae.

The Great White Shark Pool Vacuum is a great example. This robotic pool cleaner makes pool maintenance easier and hassle free. It keeps moving constantly to clean every corner of your pool, and its unique turning mechanism allows it to easily escape from tricky areas. The patented oscillating vortex and bristle drive design expertly eliminates all pool debris. Its rugged built thermoplastic construction ensures years of reliable service, and its 15” cleaning path works well on gunite, fiberglass, vinyl and a host of other specialty surfaces.