The Standard In NSB Pool Care For Over 18 Years

The Standard In NSB Pool Care For Over 18 Years

Rain and Swimming Pools


The sunshine state of Florida sees heavy rains just about every afternoon. Even as I type out this post a rain storm is brushing along through our pool-filled landscape. These rains are wonderful for all those gardeners and landscapers out there, but just as rain is unfortunate for bicyclists, heavy rains can be quite inconvenient for swimming pool owners.

There is the obvious issue with not being able to go in the pool while its raining, but that’s not quite an issue being considered in this post.

Now where all the action is; the pool overflowing. This can bring along a whole host of issues. When the water is spilling out all over the place it can cause issues with surrounding structures. Many swimming pool owners have nice decorative landscaping around the pool. Many of these plants can be destroyed either by the flow of water hitting them, or the buoyancy of the water uprooting the plants, or by even just the overwatering of the plants.

The over flow of water can also bring in contaminants into the pool. The flooding water will pickup mulch or other debris and all that nasty debris will float into your pool. The major issue with this is clogging of the pool cleaning system.

To combat the issues arisen by heavy Floridian rains, pool owners can lower their pool level before a storm to future-proof the rains. (The alternate solution is lower the level after the rains but just hope that it hasn’t flooded over by then!)

You’ll also need to make sure the pool is void of any debris and contaminants being brought in by floods and wind, as stated before. Once the pool looks clean, it may need to be chemically enhanced and dealt with.

Of course all of this may seem pesky and SE Pool Supply & Chemical Inc. has got you covered. If your pool has any chemical or debris issues, SE Pool Supply & Chemical’s cleaning regiment will alleviate the effects.

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