Why Does Pool Water Look Different in Each Pool

Ever wonder why you look at your pool water, it looks clean, but it isn’t that pretty deep blue your neighbor has? Your pool water is impeccably clean, so how do they do that? It’s simple. They probably have pretty, blue pool tiles or a liner that is a beautiful blue. The tiles or liner within your pool can, in effect, “color” your pool water. If you have light blue, your pool water will be light blue; if you have deep blue, your pool water will seem to be deep blue…and so on. You get the idea. Your pool water can even appear to be a different color when you have a design in your tiles at the bottom of your pool or on your pool steps.

The amount of light that is cast on a pool and how it is cast can also make an enormous difference in the appearance of pool water. Have you ever been to a pool party at night when they have different color lights in the pool? That pool water appears to be different colors, doesn’t it? You can “change” your pool color by simply changing the lighting in and around your pool! You can do it with lights affixed to the bottom of your pool that change at your whim. Or pick one color you love. Lights and candles that float on the water in your pool can also change the appearance of your pool water color. So can lighting around your pool, and even sunlight. That’s right! Your pool water can appear lighter and brighter when sun shines upon it.

Your hot tub and spa areas can be affected by light in the same way. So…if you want that gorgeous, deep blue water your neighbor has, let there be light! SE Pool and Spa is here to help. Stop in our convenient Dixie Freeway location in New Smyrna Beach. We’d love to shed some light on the subject!