The Standard In NSB Pool Care For Over 18 Years

The Standard In NSB Pool Care For Over 18 Years

Pool Tiles Can Make Your Pool Brighter and More Colorful

Looking to add some pizzazz to your pool area? Well, look no further! Tiles can make your pool brighter and more colorful. They come in serene blues and greens, tropical fish and turtle motifs and vibrant mosaics. Certain tiles can be used create the illusion of depth, and lighter colors make water look more bright and clear, while the use of darker colored tiles will make water appear darker.

Pool tiles come in a variety of colors, sizes and prices, and they are made from a range of materials, such as porcelain, glass, ceramic, brick and stone – each with its own benefits.

Porcelain is durable, absorbs very little water and is glazed for added protection. Porcelain tiles can come in a gritty or glossy finish and can be either square or rectangular shaped – which is perfect for marking steps or giving an edgy look to pool edging.

Glass pool tile colors range from standard greens, grays and blues, to intriguing effects such as metallic, pearlescent and transparent. Glass tiles are not affected by pool chemicals and are easy to clean.

Ceramic pool tiles are also a lovely, easy to clean option. They are impermeable, come in a glossy or matte finish and range from small mosaic tiles affixed to mesh sheets, to larger tiles that are laid individually. Additionally, they are terrific for creating showcased or featured areas within the pool because they can also come in a range of patterns.

Brick pool tiles are a more porous option. While they offer an elegant aesthetic appeal and absorb heat, they need to be sealed and resealed every three years for preservation.

Stone pool tiles also absorb heat and are often used in tandem with waterfalls and other landscaping elements to create a more natural look.