Your Pool Can Help You Mentally and Physically

Like a warm, sunny day, the soft sound of your mother’s voice or a warm embrace from a friend, a water source close to home soothes people. Soothe your tired aching muscles and joints. Soothe your troubled mind. In fact, soothe both your body and mind right down to your soul in your pool. Believe it or not, your pool can help you both mentally and physically.

Let’s talk about the physical aspect. Swimming is the second most popular sport in the United States – and for a very good reason! Swimmers have lower mortality rates than runners and even walkers, according to a study by the International Journal of Aquatic Research Development. Like milk, swimming does a body good. It’s a full body work out that can be done at any pace, and it is low impact because the water’s buoyancy supports your weight and spine. The water’s resistance is beneficial for muscle building and endurance. Swimming can also reduce stiffness and discomfort in arthritic joints, increase cardiovascular capacity and subsequently help maintain better heart health. It can increase bone density in seniors and even help to alleviate symptoms associated with certain disabilities, such as cerebral palsy.

Research also proves that people who engage in swimming tend to be healthier and happier. It can reduce stress and leave you with a positive feeling. Swimming with others fosters community spirit, and spending time with friends or family at the pool can improve mental health through social interaction.