The Standard In NSB Pool Care For Over 18 Years

The Standard In NSB Pool Care For Over 18 Years

Pool Budgeting


Pool Budgeting is an important part of becoming a new swimming pool owner. Swimming pools are very expensive. This is one of the aspects covered in the last post about the different types of pools. (Click HERE to visit and read that post.) In that post the main pool types are compared and contrasting under many categories of comparison. Like I said, cost was one of the main points made, and this is because cost is just such a huge factor in owning a pool. Any way we can budget the purchase of a pool, the better!

To begin budgeting, we’ll start off with size.

small poolContrary to popular belief, size doesn’t matter. Whether your swimming pool is used for relaxing, or pool parties, or just basic swimming exercise, a swimming pool of any size will do. Conveniently, this is also a wonderful way of cutting down on the cost of your swimming pool. If you only buy half the pool size you originally imagined, you’ll cut your costs dramatically! (Maybe not half, but dramatically. Definitely dramatically.)

Thinking of fancy features for your brand new pool?

Well maybe you could slow down a bit okay? Okay. Such as that expensive pool heater? It can be installed later! Or those fancy waterfalls and rocks you saw on Pinterest? Those can definitely be added along the life span of your pool. The money saved on holding back on the fancy extras can go towards the primary purchase of your pool, possibly allowing your to increase the size of your pool, or even change the type of pool to a higher quality pool type. (*cough* Check the pool type post: HERE)

As stated in the pool type post, you can always switch to an above ground pool to drop the price dozens of thousands of dollars. There’s just so many different ways to decrease the amount of money needed to dive into the pool life. (Pun intended) Many of these budgeting methods even keep the dream pool in your head alive.

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