Party On…Pool Party, That Is!

Swimming pool parties are an epic way to ring in the New Year. In fact, pool parties can be a great pastime all year long, and it is certainly about time that we had some fun!

  • You can foster that Valentine’s Day romance with a pool party for two.
  • Turn on some green pool lights, serve some green beer and grab your swim trunks with the four leaf clovers because St. Patty’s Day is a really fun day to enjoy some pool fun.
  • Mardi Gras is always a good time, but it is even better by the pool. So go ahead and eat, drink and be merry on Fat Tuesday.
  • It’s time to salt that rim and bite those limes because margaritas and tequila shots by the pool are a swimming combination on Cinco de Mayo. 
  • Showcase your Southern charming side with a Kentucky Derby pool party, complete with mint juleps, fancy hats and some betting on the horse races to make things even more interesting (Shhhh!).
  • Of course, pool parties are a no-brainer for Memorial Day, Independence Day and Labor Day, but you can also host pool parties with different themes in between the holidays.
  • Outdoor movie night by the pool is a fun one for adults or kids. Just move your big screen TV onto the patio where it is safe from splashes and you’ll make a splash of your own.
  • You can also do the same when you host a NASCAR, football game or Winter Olympics viewing event.
  • Hold a wedding shower. Serve Sunday brunch. Pretty much any excuse will do!

Oh and happy New Year from SE Pool. If your New Year celebration could have used a lively pool party to spice things up, stop by and see us. We have tons of pool stuff!

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