The Standard In NSB Pool Care For Over 18 Years

The Standard In NSB Pool Care For Over 18 Years

Newest Tech Makes a Cleaner Pool

The best technology results in the cleanest pools, and there is some great pool cleaning technology out there today. The most revolutionary pool cleaning technology is available at SE Pool Supply & Chemical in New Smyrna Beach. For instance…

SE Pools carries Hayward, the filet mignon of self-cleaning salt systems. With Hayward, there is no more mixing, measuring or messing with chlorine tablets or liquid ever again. No more red eyes, itchy skin or chlorine odor. You get smooth silky pool water that is free of harsh chemicals. The best news is that it is on special at SE Pool Supply this winter! SE Pool Supply is offering an incredible winter time only price of $1,350 with an unheard of four-year warranty.

AquaBot is another one of the latest advancements in pool cleaning technology, and there are a variety of models available in a wide range of pricing to meet any budget. AquaBot models include an amazing array of features. AquaBot can remove everything from large leaves to fine particles, and its rotating, vibrating scrubbing brush agitates the most stubborn dirt and debris for a thorough cleaning.  AquaBot employs smart technology for efficient cleaning and super grip tires for superior wall climbing. It’s lightweight, powerful, with proven long life and low maintenance. It rolls over drains and wrinkles with ease. It operates with a patented “never stuck” system, multiple cleaning cycle options, adjustable timer, and costs only pennies a day to operate. In fact, it pays for itself by reducing chemical, water and energy costs. Some models are even smart phone compatible for remote access!

Those two examples of the latest technology in pool cleaning products barely skim the surface. Visit SE Pools at our convenient location on Dixie Freeway in New Smyrna Beach, or call Justin at SE Pools for answers to all your questions about the latest pool cleaning technology.