The Standard In NSB Pool Care For Over 18 Years

The Standard In NSB Pool Care For Over 18 Years

Landscaping Ideas to Complement Your Pool

Want to turn your dull yard into a backyard oasis? You can do exactly that with some innovative landscaping ideas to complement your pool. Aesthetically appealing pool and patio areas, surrounded by well-planned landscaping can turn your ho-hum yard into a property with pop!

If your pool and yard are more modern and linear with more lines and angles, it’s nice to accent the surrounds with well-manicured plants and bushes that are also shaped with a more modern appeal. Bushes and shrubs that are native to Florida and will thrive in your yard can be trimmed in a “boxy” manner and ground cover can line garden floors with angular shapes. Strategically placed box planters can also beautifully frame your pool area.

You can also surround your pool with pretty pavers or lead up to your pool area with a whimsical, winding walkway. Some people even add rocks and waterfalls to their pool that blend into the beautiful landscape for a more natural feel. Palms, bougainvilleas and other colorful flowering plants and vines can add tropical allure. Just remember to keep overhanging branches trimmed and to plant any foliage far enough away to avoid pool debris.

Whatever your taste, gorgeous, creative landscaping will enhance your pool and patio area. So go ahead and transform your boring backyard into a lush, tropical oasis that you and all of your guests will simply adore.