The Standard In NSB Pool Care For Over 18 Years

The Standard In NSB Pool Care For Over 18 Years

Lamontte Spin Test

The Lamontte Spin Test is now in regular practice at SE Pools of New Smyrna Beach.

SE Pools staff knows how important it is that Floridians do not need to close their pools every winter. Northern pools freeze and if they are not covered they collect all sorts of debris and dirt. Southern pools don’t get cold enough to cover each winter. But there is a very important condition…….that you have the Lamontte Spin Test done.

Bring your pool water sample with you right into the shop and the test takes 30 seconds. The results of the test is all about balance – which chemicals are prevalent. If there is good chemical balance then you definitely do NOT need to cover your pool. You need to add the right chemicals.

The remarkable irony of this test is that not only is it more convenient to not cover your pool, but it is drastically less expensive. The Spin Test is free.

Now is the time to test your water and begin this procedure. Work with us and you can expect affordable rates, prompt, dependable service, convenient appointments, flexible pool maintenance packages and polite service.

Come in today with your pool sample – you don’t even need an appointment or call us at 386-402-8980. We love to talk pools.