Keep Your Balance!

Taking care of a pool or spa is a balancing act because it is just as important (or more) to keep your pool water balanced as it is to keep your pool clean. Unbalanced pool water can lose its clarity and become murky. It can even damage pool surfaces and equipment. Most often cloudy pool water is caused by low chlorine levels, high alkalinity, high pH or TDS. Water clarity results from proper chemical balance and filtration.

Cloudy, unbalanced pool or spa water can actually be dangerous. It can carry viruses and house bacteria which can cause diarrhea, earaches, pinkeye or worse! It can also increase safety hazards because it reduces visibility while swimming. Plus, the bottom line is, who wants to swim in a pool with cloudy looking water?

Keep the people you can about safe and happy by maintaining a clean, well-balanced pool. SE Pools in New Smyrna Beach is Volusia County’s trusted source for professional pool cleaning and affordable pool supplies. Come check out our enormous inventory of high quality pool supplies and chemicals for any budget at our convenient location on Dixie Freeway. Don’t forget to bring a water sample. We will also give you a FREE water test!