The Standard In NSB Pool Care For Over 18 Years

The Standard In NSB Pool Care For Over 18 Years

Ideas for Pool Parties for Kids

Want some pool party ideas – from décor, to refreshments and activities – that cost very little and make a big splash? Then “listen up” my friend!

First you’ll want to create an ambience that will speak to any child’s sense of adventure, and a hand painted sign that welcomes mermaids, pirates and the like is the ticket. You can also create beach ball garland by threading string through Styrofoam balls that you painted to look like beach balls! Place colorful balloons in the pool and then buy a few flower shaped pool noodles from the Dollar Store and slice them into little floating flowers!

Having fun with your refreshments is just as important as dolling up the place with great decorations. Use silly inflatable characters in the pool and on your snack table to hold iced juice boxes, sodas, waters and snacks. Make “beach” Jello snacks by decorating blue jello with tiny umbrellas and gummy bears. Serve blue punch too and label it Pool Water Punch.” You can make cookies or cupcakes look like sand dollars by simply placing sliced almonds strategically on top.

Small plastic or inflatable pools can be great for kids’ games. Place some floating animals in water and let them use water guns to see who can squirt their favorite animal to the finish line first. Underwater cameras are also a fun way to make lasting memories of your fabulous affair.