How to get rid of pool bugs

Did you know that we are one of just a couple other stores in Florida that carry Spec Chem Bug Off? We absolutely love this product as it eliminates insects from the pool water surface, reduces surface tension, makes insects sink to the bottom of the pool where they are filtered or vacuumed away and has a unique non-foaming formulation.

If you own a pool in Florida you know that hundreds of bug fly in your pool on a daily basis and it can be a pain to go around the pool with a net to get rid of them. SE Pool Supply & Chemical Inc is happy to say we now have an amazing product that will get rid of all those pesky bugs in an easy and convenient way.

This is a safe way to also treat your pool as it does not through off the balance in your pool water. Remember to come in today to pick up your bottle of Bug Off today and remember you can also bring us a pool water sample and we will perform FREE water testing. Now proudly serving Edgewater, New Smyrna Beach, Daytona Beach, Ormond Beach, Oak Hill and all of Volusia County.