The Standard In NSB Pool Care For Over 18 Years

The Standard In NSB Pool Care For Over 18 Years

How Deep Should Your Pool Be?

Considering installing an in the ground pool? Before you get in too deep, you will want to understand depth requirements and more.

Most pools range from three feet to six or eight feet in depth. If your pool changes in depth, keep in mind that there is a slope required between depths, and the more difference in depth, the larger slope required. A typical width and length might be 15 by 30 feet or 20 by 40. Commercial pools tend to be a lot larger and can range in depth to 16 feet to accommodate diving towers.

Proper pool depth is largely dependent on how you intend to use your pool. Required pool depths for diving platforms can vary based on their size and height, but to give you an example, a one-meter springboard requires a pool depth of at least 11.5 feet at the point directly under the tip of the board. Pool depth requirements for slides can be different as well, so you will need to check the overhang and height above water for your slide. A four-foot depth is okay for jumping in, but if you plan to dive off the side, at least nine feet is suggested for safety. Also, people with small children often opt for a sun shelf, which is three to five inches deep. Swimmers need to execute strokes without hitting the pool floor, so at least a four-foot depth is recommended for laps. Four feet is also great for relaxing or playing pool games such as pool volleyball or basketball.

If you have any questions about pools, ask the experts at SE Pool and Spa in New Smyrna Beach. We will make certain you are never out of your depth when it comes to pools!