The Standard In NSB Pool Care For Over 18 Years

The Standard In NSB Pool Care For Over 18 Years

Have You Discovered the Wonders of Pool Jets?

The word, “jet” tends to make us think of some pretty cool stuff…like jet-setters, jetting around the world from place to place and spa jets in a hot tub that soothe every body part from your aching back, to your legs, arms and toes. Ah, but don’t stop there! If you haven’t discovered the wonders of pool jets, you really should.

Yep, jets aren’t just for spas and hot tubs anymore. You can enjoy them in your pool too! And what could be better than shooting the breeze and enjoying an adult beverage with your bros in the pool while your back is resting against a pool jet that is massaging your back? 

You can change the directional flow of pool jets, shoot them in the air for a fountain-type effect that will enhance your patio ambience, and even place them strategically around your pool lighting for a more dramatic effect.

And the health benefits of pool jets are fantastic. Pulsating jets against your extremities and other body parts can improve circulation. Pool jets can also help to reduce stress and relax you, thereby lowering your blood pressure.

SE Pools, your local supplier of everything you could possibly need for your pool, carries pool accessories, floating toys and games, pool cleaning tools and pool equipment including an extensive selection of pool wall jets in a variety of styles and sizes from top manufacturers. So, for a beautiful and purposeful additional to any pool, come to SE Pool Supply & Chemical in New Smyrna Beach for pool jets and so much more!