Great Swimming Pool Hacks!

When it comes to our swimming pools, we all toe the line when it comes to cleaning, balancing chemicals and making repairs, but there are some very cool swimming pool hacks out there that can make your life so much easier. These two top tips may surprise you!

For our first trick, let’s address a swimming pool cleaning hack. Sunscreen is kryptonite to clean pool water, but there is something that can whip up on lotion in the pool like a superhero…a tennis ball! Yep, just toss a tennis ball into your swimming pool after those pesky, lubed up pool goers are through and all of that lotion will be drawn to that ball like a moth to a flame, and stick to it! And, if you have to deal with frequent, slippery offenders, you can even leave a tennis ball floating in your pool to soak up that oily lotion. Tennis anyone?

Now let’s amaze and astound you with a simple swimming pool maintenance hack. One of the worst things that a swimming pool owner can learn is that you have a leak somewhere in your pool, so you want to make sure you don’t. Temperature and humidity can lower swimming pool water levels, but only by about a quarter inch every day. So here’s an easy swimming pool measuring hack. Simply place a weighted bucket on your pool step and mark the bucket at the waterline every day. If you notice a large decrease in your water levels, you may have a leak.

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