The Standard In NSB Pool Care For Over 18 Years

The Standard In NSB Pool Care For Over 18 Years

Getting Your Pool in Tip-Top Shape for Summer: Leaks

We live in The Sunshine State, a place where the sun shines brightly and the temperatures can soar. So, if we happen to go through a hot spell with very little rain, it’s not unusual for your pool to experience some evaporation. A good rule of thumb for normal pool water evaporation is no more than one-half inch to one inch per week. Extra-large Uncle Al’s signature cannonball can also eliminate a bit of pool water, but other than that, the disappearance of pool water can be troubling.

If you notice that your pool is losing more than two inches of water a week or that the grass is becoming mushy around your pool, it could very well be the indication of a leak. The longer you wait to fix a pool leak, the more damage it can cause and the more money it may take to fix. Pool leaks can lead to thousands of dollars in damage and even create the potential for sinkholes.

Certain pool leaks won’t cause you too much of a problem if they are repaired right away. For example, cracks in concrete or fiberglass pools are common around lights and other fixtures. You can find them with a simple dye test and they are easy enough to fix by filling with the proper material. Return pipes settle in the ground, so those and loose or broken fittings are also common leak locations and easy fixes. If you have an auto-fill device, it may be harder to tell if you have a pool leak. However, higher water bills and persistent chemical imbalances are tell-tale signs of a leak in your pool. If you have a vinyl liner, your pool skimmer may be the culprit and, fortunately, that is easy to fix as well.

What you don’t want to see is air coming into your pump basket or pool water that leaks more when your pump is off. That could indicate a leak in a hard to reach skimmer pipe, requiring ripping out pool decking for replacement. Corrosion or ground movement can damage underground plumbing. This, as well as main drain leaks, is hard to find and will require the help of a professional.