The Standard In NSB Pool Care For Over 18 Years

The Standard In NSB Pool Care For Over 18 Years

Fire Up Some Backyard Fun in September

Poolside picnics with juicy barbeque, floating aimlessly wherever our inflatable raft takes us, a refreshing cocktail in hand as we turn the pages of a steamy paperback novel beside the pool…those are just some of the things that can make up a beautiful September. We live in Florida, so instead of packing up our pool gear and covering our swimming pool up for the winter months (like those poor folks up north), we’re only just beginning to rev up the fun; and boy is there fun to be had!

Let’s start with the parties. The kids are back in school, so what is stopping you from a girls’ day out by the pool fueled by a delicious brunch? Then, there is also the weekend, which is the perfect time to kick back, grill some burgers and toss back a few cold ones with your besties; and who doesn’t love a Sunday poolside sangria social? I can smell those fresh cut fruit slices now!

Of course, the pool also makes a big splash with the kiddos. There’s pool volleyball, chicken fights, and swimming races. Your little swimmers can pretend to be mermaids or pirates plundering for gold or work off all that extra energy (also a nice present for the parents!) with a Super Soaker battle of the ages.

Ahhh, but pool time can provide the ultimate in relaxation and rejuvenation too. Take things down a notch while you sip your morning coffee by the pool, dive in to cool off after soaking in the sun and swim a few leisurely laps.

Don’t count September out for pool pleasure, my fun loving friends. In fact, it is only the beginning!