Dos and Donts Continued

Dos and Donts Continued

 | The process for winterizing the pool is one with several critical steps – which is perhaps why a large percentage of in ground pool owners prefer to let the professionals have the honors each year. Keep in mind that it’s important to winterize the pool not only to protect it from hazards of the cold weather, but also to prevent it from becoming an algae-filled germ factory over the winter months. If you have questions about how exactly this is done, give South East Pool Supply & Chemical Inc., a call at 386-402-8980 or visit them at 633 Dixie Freeway, New Smyrna Beach, FL 32168.

SE Pools strongly recommends not closing your Florida pools during the winter months. They will test your pool’s water during the winter months at absolutely no cost to you. They balance your water chemistry. This keeps the surface of the pool protected from staining and etching.

The water is tested by a red light which tells what the water needs. The great news is that it costs less to have your water tested through the winter months – since this courtesy is free – than it does to close down the pool for the fall and winter months.

It’s fun to watch an in the ground pool. The sun shines on the water and the sound of the water is lovely to hear as you sit in your lawn chair contemplating what you’ll do on this day off. Maybe you can take the kayak out for a spin, get your surf board, or your fishing rod and enjoy some time doing fun things. Oh, how nice it would be to just relax in the sunshine and listen to the kids playing on the beach.

Or here’s a thought. Finish weeding your garden, mow your lawn and get your shopping done. THEN lay in the sunshine and listen to the kids playing. You’ll enjoy delaying gratification.