The Standard In NSB Pool Care For Over 18 Years

The Standard In NSB Pool Care For Over 18 Years

Don’t Need Service, But You Do Need a Clean Pool? We Have Many Vacuums to Fill this Gap!

SE Pool Supply & Chemical, New Smyrna Beach’s number one stop for pool supplies, service and chemicals, provides affordable, weekly swimming pool cleaning service you can count on. We analyze and balance your pool water. We check your filter pressure and clean the filter. We skim the surface and brush the walls.

However, if you don’t necessarily want a swimming pool cleaning service, but you do want a clean swimming pool; SE Pool Supply & Chemical is simply dripping with great deals on top of the line swimming pool cleaning supplies, including an extensive selection of vacuums to meet any budget.

Choose from Hayward Navigator Blue Con’s advanced suction technology that uses your pool’s existing filtration system; or Pentair Dorado’s powerful bristle-drive technology, programmed steering and 15-inch single-pass capacity for fast cleaning. Here’s even better news…the Pentair Dorado also currently includes a $100 rebate!

If you’re looking for a robotic pool vacuum, the Maytrontics Dolphin, which has received a five-star rating, is available at various price points. Relish your robotics with the S300i for $1,250, the Active 20 for $850 or Encore for $650.

Aside from a full line of vacuums, chemicals and other pool cleaning supplies, SE Pool Supply & Chemical stocks heat pumps, salt chlorine generators, filters, replacement parts, tools, games and more.

Whatever your swimming pool cleaning, maintenance or entertainment pleasure, feel free to visit SE Pool Supply & Chemical for a free digital electronic water testing. Simply bring in a water sample and we will test it for chlorine content, hardness, alkalinity, acidity and copper and iron if you have staining.

Call 386-410-5867 if you would like more information, and visit to sign up for some great discounts!