The Standard In NSB Pool Care For Over 18 Years

The Standard In NSB Pool Care For Over 18 Years

Decorating Your Pool and Around It

Summer is the perfect time to have friends over for a barbeque and a dip in the pool. Is your pool area up to par? Some folks go all out and actually build their pool into the landscaping – incorporating rocks and fountains. It can be very lovely and dramatic. Still others build beautiful outdoor kitchens made of stainless and stone. Although these upgrades are exceptional, there are plenty of other great ways to turn your backyard into a great entertainment area that don’t have to cost you a fortune.

Let there be light! Tiny white rope lights and floating lanterns can create a romantic or elegant atmosphere. For more fun party appeal, there are tiki torches, decorative pool lights that can create colorful effects on the water, and underwater pool lights that put on a spectacular show. There are also all sorts of floating lighted decorative items. Speaking of keeping afloat…You can create floating flower arrangements inexpensively, add floating candles or purchase any array of different decorative floating inflatables.

As far as the patio itself, consider a few yards of brightly colored material to add a pop of color to your lounges. Dress up other patio furniture with comfortable, stylish pillows. Tea lights and citronella candles for the tables are another perfect touch. Keep landscaping meticulously groomed, and plant some colorful flowers here and there to punch up the festive appeal.

There are also a slew of pool party supplies and fun grilling implements to liven things up. You may need some waterproof playing cards, lighted grill tongs or a personalized steak branding iron…you get the idea. And check out SE Pool Supply’s enormous inventory of pool toys while you are at it!