The Standard In NSB Pool Care For Over 18 Years

The Standard In NSB Pool Care For Over 18 Years

Create a Backyard Oasis

In a time when we check the CDC forecast more than the weather report, sometimes it’s just nice to hunker down and stay home; and staying in is even nicer when your home is your oasis. Having a swimming pool in your backyard can definitely add to the oasis factor and, if you have a pool, there are tons of things you can do to make your backyard all the more comfortable, inviting and exciting…

Consider some innovative pool lighting. There are underwater lights in an array of colors and even those that change colors. There are beautiful landscaping lighting options too, such as tiki lanterns surrounding your pool area; or simply light up the water so that you can enjoy those evening swims and poolside parties well into the night.

Then there are pool games to liven things up for your family and friends, from pool volleyball to basketball. There are also whimsical pool accessories like floating lounge chairs with cup holders for your refreshing beverage. So make your pool more fun by embellishing things any way you choose.

And to keep your pool in tip-top shape, you will probably want to stock up on some high quality swimming pool cleaning supplies including professional grade chemicals and pool cleaning implements such as skimming nets, brushes and even robotic pool vacuums for the ultimate in convenience. 

For everything you need to create that backyard oasis, visit SE Pool Supply & Chemical at its convenient New Smyrna Beach location on U.S. Route 1. SE Pools also provides professional pool cleaning, parts and service.