The Standard In NSB Pool Care For Over 18 Years

The Standard In NSB Pool Care For Over 18 Years

It’s More Cost-Effective…and Fun…to Keep Your Pool Open All Year!

We are so lucky to live in Florida. We get to enjoy the temperate climate and beautiful surroundings all year long. Pool owners are especially lucky because they are able to get much more enjoyment out of their investment. There is more time to enjoy your pool when you live in a warm weather climate. In fact, there is absolutely no need to close your pool for any length of time during the year when you live in Florida.

Believe it or not, it costs less to maintain your pool than it does to close it for the season. The main purpose of winterizing a pool is to protect it from damage due to freezing weather. Even if we get a cold snap here, Florida weather is not consistently cold enough to warrant closing your pool.

The most important part of maintenance for your pool is balancing the water chemistry. With proper water balancing, you can protect your pool year-long, and avoid staining, etching and other damage to the surface of your pool. Very simply, water testing ensures proper balance within your pool, and SE Pools in New Smyrna Beach does that for free! Closing your pool for the season would be far more expensive.

If you live in Florida, there is no reason you shouldn’t keep your pool open all year long. If you have any questions about water testing or what you need to do to keep your pool open year-round, give SE Pools a call at 386-846-6009. We love to talk pools!