The Standard In NSB Pool Care For Over 18 Years

The Standard In NSB Pool Care For Over 18 Years

Cool Things to Do With Your Pool

Don’t throw in the towel on your swimming pool as cooler weather approaches. There are plenty of cool things to do with your pool after summer; AND, of course, the sunshine state is the reigning king of mild weather all year long, so it may not even be an issue, but…

Say you have an outdoor party planned, but the temperatures are expected to dip a little low during the evenings this weekend. Do you cancel all that premeditated fun you plotted? Of course not! 

You can change your menu accordingly. Warm your guests’ innards with hot toddies. I’m thinking something with cinnamon and spice. Yes, that’s nice…and seasonal! Another great idea is to make your menu meaty. Yep, sizzling steaks hot off the grill are a staple whether it is summer or fall…and a nice merlot or cabernet is certainly a nice touch in October.

Then, brighten things up with tiki torches around the pool. The benefits of tiki lanterns are two-fold. They are beautiful and they add an element of warmth…even if it is all in our minds. Additionally, even though it may be too cool on some evenings for your pool party guests to enjoy a dip in your swimming pool, you can use it as an elegant backdrop for the night’s festivities. Colored lights create a celebratory atmosphere while little white floating tea lights make everything a bit more elegant (or romantic if we’re talking about a party of two).

If it’s the kids you worry about, don’t worry too much. Children rarely seem daunted by a little chill in the air when it comes to pool time, but you can always heat things up with some pool games to keep things moving!