Can Newborn Babies Really Swim in the Pool?

A newborn cannot float or hold its head above water. However, research indicates that babies that are
introduced to water early in their first year, tend to acclimate better toward it and toward swimming.
It is recommended to teach your child to enjoy and trust water from the start by enabling them to
splash in the bath and play with bath toys. Once you know that your child loves the water and is
comfortable in the tub – at one or two months old – it is fine to introduce them to the pool. Holding and
snuggling with your child while you are standing in the pool can even strengthen the bond between you
and your baby.
There are some stipulations. Make certain that the water is not shockingly cold. Warm, comfortable
water is best. Also make sure that you do not take your baby in a pool that is loaded with chemicals.
Heavy concentrations aren’t good for adults, let alone little babies with soft skin and sensitive eyes.
Although some very experienced swimming instructors begin lessons for children as early as six months,
children do not have the strength to actually swim until two or three years of age and the Academy of
Pediatrics recommends waiting until children are about four years old.
Swimming is a great, low- impact form of exercise for those young and old. It can tone muscles and relax
your body and mind…whether you are four or sixty-four!