The Standard In NSB Pool Care For Over 18 Years

The Standard In NSB Pool Care For Over 18 Years

What Is the Best Temperature to Keep Your Pool in Florida?

Warm and soothing or cool and refreshing…how do you like your pool water? Preferred pool temperature can be pretty subjective, but here are a few facts about pool temperatures to keep in mind:

  • The warmer your pool, the more of a chance there is for algae to grow, so you may have to use more chemicals, the hotter you decide to keep your pool water.
  • Also, the higher your pool temperature, the more your heater has to run, so the higher your heating costs will be.
  • Pool water temperatures anywhere in the 60s tend to be a little cold for most people, so if you are looking for cool, but not freezing, somewhere in the 70s might be best for you.

And, if your pool is not heated, you have to rely on the outside temperatures to determine your pool temperature. Florida is a big state, so the difference in temperature from Jacksonville to Miami can vary greatly. Plus, weather and water conditions also vary in the Gulf vs. Atlantic – the Gulf tending to be on the warmer side.

To give you a good idea about ocean temperatures locally, water temperatures in the New Smyrna Beach (NSB) area throughout the year typically average from 60s to 80s. December through March are the cooler months and can average around 65. Once you hit April, you are probably in the low 70s – great swimming weather in my opinion. Average water temperatures here will gradually rise month by month, so that you will probably hit 80 in June, July and August. Water temperatures in NSB probably won’t go below 70 again until December.