The Standard In NSB Pool Care For Over 18 Years

The Standard In NSB Pool Care For Over 18 Years

A Love Letter to My Pool

The fun of diving into cool water on a hot summer day and the joy I get from watching smiles light up the faces of my kids when they play in it and sleep soundly on the nights that they do are just a few of the many reasons I love my pool.

I love the way it attracts my closest friends for outdoor barbeques and other pool parties. I love the way my pool tones my body and helps me stay healthy with easy-does-it laps and low impact exercise. I love relaxing in my floating lounge chair with a cheesy romance novel and a refreshing glass of sweet tea to waste away the day. I love spoiling myself with mornings filled with cantaloupe slices and coffee (yes, it’s all – or at least mostly – about the food!) on my poolside patio. I also love the evenings when the sun is sinking low and my solar lights flicker around my pool, creating the perfect ambience for a romantic outdoor evening.

So, I promise to nurture and care for you, my pool, with professional grade (albeit affordable) pool cleaning products; or to utilize the highly acclaimed, reliable and super effective weekly SE Pool & Spa pool cleaning service, which provides brushing, water balancing and everything else anyone might need for a healthy relationship with their pool.

I also promise to lavish you with all the presents I can find at SE Pools, like a robotic pool vacuum to hit all the right places, pool games and accessories to liven things up and pool lighting in whatever manner you desire – from white underwater pool lights to floating pool lights that change colors…because, of course, you light up my life.

For all of our days, I promise to cherish you with all of the things you love from SE Pool & Spa in New Smyrna Beach!