The Standard In NSB Pool Care For Over 18 Years

The Standard In NSB Pool Care For Over 18 Years

10 Cool Swimming Facts

Swimming is the fourth most popular activity in the United States.

Approximately 36% of children and 15% of adults swim more than five times per year; and that number jumps exponentially here in Florida, of course!

Surprisingly, 65% of Americans and 4 billion people can’t swim.

Swimming is a great cardio workout for the entire body.

Swimming burns more calories than running or biking.

Swimming can improve exercise-induced asthma.

Like other forms of exercise, swimming releases endorphins which can help reduce both stress and depression.

Swimming is a popular form of physical therapy for those who are handicapped.

There is hieroglyphic evidence that swimming has been around for thousands of years.

There are four swimming strokes recognized in competitive swimming, including freestyle swimming, the backstroke, the butterfly and the breaststroke.

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